JR (Junior)

JR enjoying one of his favorite activities; climbing trees
Age: 8 years old
Health: Neutered, vaccinated, no known health issues

JR was just a kitten of about 3 or 4 months old when he was tossed from the window of a moving vehicle along with his 3 litter mates (Puggy, PacMan, and Patches) and his mother (SnagglePuss). JR would run and climb trees, keeping a safe distance from us when we first started trying to rescue them from the snow. Once he discovered the warmth we provided on our front porch after rescuing his brother, Patches, JR never left the property again. He quickly learned where his meals were served and which shelter to retreat to for warmth and safety.

Although JR is very fearful of humans, he is very loving to his caregivers. He loves to stand on our shoulders when we walk around the property doing daily chores. His habit of riding on our shoulders began the day he was attacked by Sampson. JR escaped Sampson and ran blindly into the woods, jumping the creek and hiding beneath a fallen tree on a hill.  When he refused to return on his own before dark, we rescued him for a second time.

We found a way to cross the 8-foot deep creek. Although the water was low, the banks were difficult to maneuver. One of us crossed and climbed the steep hill to the fallen tree where JR was hiding. I didn’t cross the creek, but instead waited at the bank’s edge to assist in bringing JR back across. As my husband was climbing back down the hill, JR climbed onto his shoulders, freeing his hands for the climb. Once they reached the creek bed, JR was handed over to me and he immediately climbed to my shoulders. We waited for my husband to finish his climb and as soon as he was within a close distance to us, JR wanted back on his shoulders. We allowed JR to get back on his shoulders and that’s where he stayed as we made our way through the woods back to safety. From that day forward, JR likes to be picked up for a shoulder ride.

Humans are not the only thing that JR is afraid of though. He is very afraid of thunderstorms and bees and keeps his distance from snakes. We watch the weather and at the first indication of a storm, we shelter JR because he has the tendency to run blindly into the woods at the sound of thunder. We also take measures to minimize his exposure to bees and snakes.